Track Active Users and Lead Assignment

Assigning leads to the right agent is a very important aspect of a successful business, lead management is the factor that determines if that lead will become a client or if it is lost. The Lead Distribution and Routing Module created by Danmar Computers enables companies to build a custom lead routing program that can assign leads according to a number of criteria.

The Lead Distribution and Routing Module it is a collection of modules, each of which has a very specific features and functions. A newly logged lead it is “pushed” to a sales person and if a set of criteria are met it can be “pulled” by a sales person, out of the pool of available leads.

Lead management mechanisms

By combining all the modules, a hybrid harmonious system of lead distribution and routing is created. Leads can be “pushed”, under certain conditions, and at the same time let sales agent “pull” other leads. Some of the most common rules applied on lead distribution are the maximum number of leads that a sales agent can receive per day, requiring that the sales agent is logged on when the lead is being assigned, the redistribution of leads that agents have not worked on in a predetermined period of time, limiting the assignment of leads according to criteria such as geographical location or qualification, etc.

Track Active Users and Lead Assignement tracks all users Login and Logout , checks witch users are logged in Sugar, sees users login/logout history and sets up what type of leads they should receive based on Lead Source and user (active) status (only PRO version) . Administrators and managers have the opportunity to check witch users are logged in sugar and witch users are unavailable. Also the history of each user login/logout can be tracked. In PRO version of this module Administrators can setup what type of leads each user is allowed to get assigned based on “round-robin” mechanism and the “Lead Source” field from Leads module so users get the leads assigned according to their expertize.

It is our pleasure to present the features of lead management in a video below.

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